Steel construction and machining

The steel construction department (carpentery) is designed and equipped for the construction of tubular poles and pylons for high-voltage power lines, as well as supporting structures for civil engineering and machining templates for welding and assembly of metal structures.

The carpentry machinery fleet includes presses up to 600 t and 10 m in length for bending steel sheets, oxygen cutting and plasma cutting systems up to 18 m in length and welding robots with four workbenches for continuous welding over a length of up to at 14 m.

To these are added 12 machining centers for milling, turning, drilling and grinding of steel. The use of numerically controlled machine tools and pallets allows precision machining of both small and large steel components and structures.

The carpentry sector is supported by a technical office equipped with a CAD-CAM system for drawings and related static calculations and collaborates with various institutes for simulation analysis (eg Finite Element Method - FEM).


Synthetic insulating materials

The synthetic materials department creates insulated joints that are used in signaling and safety systems for railway and underground lines. In 1992, Tenconi SA acquired patents and the production from Benkler AG, which was already active in this sector worldwide.

Using proprietary molds and other designed with the customer, Hardomid-coated supports with high dielectric and mechanical characteristics are manufactured in small and medium series.

The production also includes sliding plates used in railway exchanges, insulated plates for fixing rails and supports for signals and traffic light systems in motorway tunnels, where the atmosphere with strong corrosive agents compromises the durability of stainless steel.

Since 2018, Tenconi SA has been working closely with Dätwyler AG (Sealing Solutions) for the synthetic coating of tracks in conjunction with Tenconi products to ensure protection against various corrosive agents (e.g. air, salt, water).


Aluminum processing

In the new site of Cadenazzo (Ticino - Switzerland) inaugurated in 2012, Tenconi SA has a competence center for mechanical machining and manual as well as automated welding (TIG / MIG) of aluminum components.

The recent purchase of an automated welding portal allows Tenconi SA to meet the highest requirements in welding aluminum components at extremely competitive prices. To demonstrate this, Tenconi SA has been working with Stadler Rail for years in the production of carriages and components for locomotives.

Tenconi SA also provide precision mechanical machining services to PILATUS Aircraft in the construction of their new PC-24 product thanks to a unique machining center in Switzerland.


Energy and Civil Engineering Sector

In 2015, Tenconi SA acquired competencies for maintenance and overhaul of components for hydroelectric power plants. The work performed includes: injectors, spherical valves, butterfly valves, Francis and Pelton impellers, turbines supports.

In addition, new mechanical components have been produced, e.g. plugs and rings for injectors and sealing rings for spherical valves. During the same period Tenconi SA performed welding services at customer’s sites.

Tenconi SA, having excellent skills in metallic carpentry and mechanical processing, has successfully found collaborations for tenders in motorway infrastructure. The products include signaling portals, guardrails, security products (e.g. temporary roadside protection) as well as maintenance, storage and logistics services near headquarters in Airolo.